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Unlock Potential. Maximise Time.
Learn Through Play.

Welcome to a new era of learning, where fun meets efficiency!


Experts in education and professional development with over 15 years experience, we specialise in gamification and micro-learning, combining game elements and bite-sized content, making learning engaging, motivating, and more effective.


We offer a range of personalised services, so if you want outstanding results, then get in touch 


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What we offer

We support organisations in wide range of important areas, such as;

  • Using gamification to improve your culture, training, product or service

  • Resilience and well-being training

  • Creating a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

  • Team building and conflict resolution

  • Leadership development

  • Quality improvement and leading change in the workplace

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) personality assessment

  • Mentoring and coaching skills

  • Software upskilling; using data, wowing others with presentations & managing projects 

  • Teaching others and presenting in the workplace


Our commitment to excellence and impact:

  • We will always work directly with you to develop a strategy that suits your organisation. 

10 Minute Microlearning
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Let us create your learning journeys from scratch or using your existing content. We combine multimedia, quizzes, games and much more to focus and engage your learners through autonomous micro-learning. They can learn anywhere, at their own pace, on their own schedule, in any language, and from any device. Detailed analytics can allow you to check progress and activity, motivate learners through leader boards, discussion boards, badges, certificates and much more. We can support your learners through the use of refresher quizzes, and individually tailored questions to help learners retain and apply learning.

Group learning
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Want to have a whole group learning experience? No problem! Let us deliver training directly to groups of your learners using our 10 Minute Method, which builds on our micro-learning and gamification approach to create interactive, engaging and effective group sessions that sustain attention. We know that adults learn best through experiences and applied learning, so that is what we provide. Our courses are designed, developed and delivered by experts using our years of experience, and tailored to suit your needs. 

Not sure what to do with learning content?
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We can help you grow through:

Consulting - to support your organisation in creating sustainable learning and development cultures

Workshopping - We work with you to plan, organise, deliver and disseminate workshops to improve your organisation

External Training Support - If you deliver external training, we can help you save time and money whilst increasing your effectiveness

Leadership Coaching - Enhance your leaders' skills, boost self-awareness, and improve decision-making through our leadership coaching service.

Take a look at some of our microlearning features and visit our social media pages to see more



Who are we?

We are qualified experts in designing and delivering outstanding education and professional development, with over 15 years experience. We are small family run company who pride themselves on building relationships with our clients. We started in 2023 with a vision to simply help everyone enjoy learning and our daily mission is to make adult learning engaging, effective, convenient and sustainable through the use of micro-learning and gamification.


We aim to achieve this by following our 3 core values:

  • Curiosity: Learning should be fun. We have a constant desire for creating excellence and quality learning through innovation and creativity, but we always focus on enjoyment!

  • Commitment: This is our passion so we work hard. We are committed to building authentic professional relationships which enable long term trust, collaboration and satisfaction

  • Selflessness: We care about the needs of others. Our fundamental mentality is to work with you to create the best learning possible, and meet the expectations of our clients and learners no matter what it takes. We will always be there for you. 

Read more about us and our background by

I have always been impressed with Graham's skills as an educationalist and have very much valued his enthusiasm, collaboration and his leadership. He is extremely organised, methodical and logical in his approach to problem solving. If I had to state it, I would say his most admirable quality is his authenticity and commitment to doing the best job possible
Dr Clive Lewis

Affiliated Assistant Professor, University of Cambridge 
Consultant Cardiologist and Transplant Physician 

Why choose 10 Minute Learning?

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For all our services we will:

  • Force you think like an innovator, leading to improved performance, satisfaction, motivation, engagement, and knowledge acquisition

  • Help create highly knowledgeable and skilful people through continuous learning methodologies

  • Use meaningful research and 15+ years of experience to deliver outstanding results

  • Help improve workplace culture, motivation, retention and performance, saving you time and money! 

  • Work closely with you to create a workable strategy, and support you in its implementation

  • Provide a dedicated expert to support you at every step

For our online learning we will also:

  • Empower you with real time data to ensure completions on-site and to aid improvement

  • Provide effective reporting that demonstrate your learners engagement and success, stored in one secure place

  • Offer you a realistic option for sustainable training with a low carbon footprint 

  • Remove the challenge of dedicating time and resource to developing and delivering effective training and education


We are backed by research

Backed by research

We concentrate on maintaining attention

Sustained attention typically lasts for around 10 minutes, then decreases after that point to what is called mindlessness; a state induced by the monotony of the task in which attention is disengaged from task-related stimuli and captured by task-unrelated ones (people get distracted) (Bradbury, 2016). We ensure we make the most of people's time!

The platform we use for delivery of our bite-sized online learning also has measurable results:

  • 90% increase in training completion rates

  • 70% greater knowledge retention compared to traditional methods

We focus on retention and application of information

Miller's Law states that we learn best when we don't overcrowd our brain with too competing stimuli, which is often the case in traditional learning methods. 
(Vallesi et al. 2021). ​


Our aim is to keep learning focused and progressive

We certainly believe in "little and often"


We create learning journeys that work

Learning will be forgotten unless we take action to keep it there (see graph) (Plaskura, 2023)

Therefore our approach is work with you to create a strategy for long term implementation, using feedback to refine and make things stick! 

(The Power of Feedback, Hattie & Timperley, 2007, cited in Wisniewski, 2020)

People's attention drops after 10 minutes and they begin to forget information
People forget information over time unless they recall and use it
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The best time to start is now

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